Friday, March 9, 2007

Jarret Cohen Facilitates Libel

This blog is devoted to sharing the truth about Jarret Cohen, who, along with Anthony Ciolli has facilitated defamation and anonymous harassment of a number of law students.

Anthony Ciolli and Jarret Cohen started a website named Auto [[inserted to prevent giving it traffic]]

Anthony Ciolli and Jarret Cohen allow anonymous posters to post the names and pictures of other law students (often taken off of private law school websites) and make extremely graphic sexual comments so that anyone googling their names, from their parents to prospective employers is confronted with comments like those listed below.

Anthony Ciolli and Jarret Cohen have resisted all requests and refuse to take down these harassing and other libelous statements (although comments on the site about him have been removed).

Please link to this blog so that Jarret Cohen's own associates and employers know what he is doing and that he refuses to put a stop to this harassment.

Just a small sampling of the comments, with names removed, are:

“She whored around like a feral cat first semester.”

“Another fun fact is that she likes men who drench her face and tits in semen.”

“It's every woman's dream to be raped by their dad. She’s probably fingering her worn out cunt to this post as we speak.”

“This bitch deserves it.”

“Hopefully it doesn't have an impact on her reverse cowgirl, which I have heard from several people is incredible. Until you get the clap.”